2 Sept 2023

Finally Identified The Culprit Who Ate My Flowers

Today's blog post isn't related to puzzles. It's about wild animals around my house.

I've been growing Gazania in the backyard garden. 

The Gazania is a hardy plant. They make my garden look bright and cheerful.

However, there is one issue. Something eats the flower buds after the sun goes down.

I already knew Eastern bearded dragons that live around my house love to eat Gazania's flowers. 

They don't hesitate to eat Gazania in the daytime even though I watch them just in front of them. They eat my flowers confidently, look at me and seem to say, "What! Why are you looking at me?"


I'm not happy they eat my flowers, yet they don't damage the flower seedlings; they eat only a little, so it's all right.


On the other hand, something that eats my Gazania in the backyard is a bit different. 



Something eats many buds, so I cannot enjoy the flowers. They are all eaten before they flower. Therefore, I put a trail camera in the backyard. The first three nights, the camera couldn't get any animals. It was the fourth try this morning.

I Finally got some proof! Several videos were taken, and two successfully recorded the offender who ate Gazania. It was a wallaby. The camera recorded a chewing sound, too.

Then I went out of the backyard to check on the Gazania. Surely, there are buds on the ground that were bitten off.

How can I take action to prevent this? Covering the Gazania with a net is probably the best idea. Still, it's inconvenient to get rid of the net every morning. I changed my mind, I could leave them because the seedlings weren't seriously damaged.

There wasn't much rain this winter in Queensland, and the temperature was higher than usual. I believe this summer, many bushfires will occur, and it will be a hard time for wild animals. I decided not to worry about wild animals eating my flowers. 

I welcome them to visit my backyard. 

But don't eat uprooted flowers, mate!

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