26 Nov 2018

Finally solved "Half Cut"

I finally solved "Half Cut!" Yes, I did!
As I have written on my blog on 1st August 2018, I've got "Half Cut" which was made by Václav Obšívac, designed by Laszlo Molnar. 

This puzzle has 6 pieces, yes 6 pieces only and the target is to fit the six pieces into the wooden box without any protrusions. Don't you think it looks easy? If you think so, just try it.

You see, there are triangular prisms and those angles and positions are at crabbed angles and locations. I don't remember how many times I have thought that if this prism was not here, or there, or if this prism was not at this angle and if it was a position rotated 90 degrees, this puzzle should have been easier.

Well, I know it took a very long time to solve. I'm even surprised with myself.
I think I got this puzzle at the end of July or 1st of August. So, it took about three months and a half. When I got this puzzle, it was still winter, and it's early summer now. I wonder what I had I been doing?

My friends who are not interested in puzzles would say "I can't solve this puzzle!" just 10 minutes after they've started a puzzle.
So, if they knew how many days I have spent on solving the puzzle, they would think I'm crazy. Yes, maybe I am.

I haven't played with this puzzle every day, maybe two days a week, ten or fifteen minutes at a time. I had been keeping this puzzle on the coffee table in the living room and playing with it while television commercials were being broadcast.

The day I solved it was the same. I sat down in the living room and when the television commercials started, I started playing with it and it suddenly solved. I was amazed at the puzzle that would fit in the wooden box perfectly. "Really! Is it really happening?"

Thank you for the craftsman, Václav Obšívac and the designer, Laszlo Molnar. I could have a fun time with "Half Cut" and thanks for the television commercials too, if they were not being broadcast at that time, probably I would be still struggling with "Half Cut."


1 Nov 2018

My Mini-Puzzle Mini Collection

I love miniatures. I have made 1/6 scale bags, 1/12 scale breads with clay, 1/6 and 1/12 scales miniature furniture and small puzzles.

Only puzzles couldn't adjust to 1/6 or 1/12 scales because of material conditions. It depends on the kind of timber, some of them can be torn out or cracked easily and they are not good for a miniature. I wanted small puzzles that can be played, I didn't like miniature puzzles that are only for displaying. Therefore, what I could make were bigger than what are usually called miniatures.

I have reviewed how many mini-puzzles I have made and realized that they were lots more than I thought. There are some puzzles that were sold by Juno himself or one Japanese company, and there are puzzles that have never sold.

These are the mini-puzzles I have made. All puzzles were designed by Junichi Yananose (aka Juno).

Sometimes we (Pluredro) are asked from customers whether we re-produce puzzles that were already sold out. Juno has lots of ideas of puzzles in his head and he wants to make more unique puzzles. So, I feel sorry, but we don't produce the same puzzles again. Therefore, our puzzles are all limited editions.

However, I might make same puzzles as a miniature again. For example, 6 Board Burr #2 and H Burr were sold long ago. The reason I have made those puzzles are I didn't have them. If I have a chance, I will continue to make mini-puzzles that I haven't made before.

Just now, Pluredro is holding an eBay puzzle auction and there are three kinds of puzzles, in total four mini-puzzles that I have made and one ordinary sized second grade puzzle.

Pluredro eBay Puzzle Auction: 

If you are interested in them, please take a look!
It will be ended on 4th November, Sunday in South-East Queensland, Australia time.

Happy mini-puzzling!