21 Nov 2019

Pop-up Paper Crafts

Every year around this season, I think I will try to make pop-up Christmas cards. It would be wonderful if I could make unique cards but every time I don't make them because it requires lots of effort and time.

When I was small, paper crafts, such as Origami was the most common play for me because I was born and raised in the country of Origami, Japan. I have read some interesting news about one Japanese architecture office long ago. It said that the office encouraged the architects who work there to play with Origami. Can you guess why? It was because playing Origami is effective to improve spatial perception which is an important ability for people who design buildings. Honestly, I don't know whether it really works for improving spatial perception.

If that hypothesis is correct, the puzzle I bought "Cube AC" should have been solved already now. How is it that I cannot solve "Cube AC" despite having played Origami a lot? Oops, I got off track.

I think someone who is interested in Origami may like pop-up paper crafts too. Here are some books of making pop-up cards I had bought.

This book is "Creative PAPER CUTTING" by Cheong-Ah Hwang. There are lots of beautiful and stylish design pop-ups in this book. Here I paste the link of his website.

papernoodle - Paper sculptures

The second book is "Pop-up World" by Yoichi Takahashi which contains printed colourful pages that you can cut and assemble. This book is suitable for kids.

The third one is "Pop-Up Cards by Yuichi Miyoshi. This book also contains printed papers for just for cutting use. His design is simple and beautiful. There are some cards for Christmas inside.

The fourth one is not a pop-up card book, but I cannot ignore this famous book, "ABC3D" by Marion Bataille. I found a YouTube video. Seeing is better than reading my expression.

The last one is my most favorite book "ORIGAMIC ARCHITECTURE OF MASAHIRO CHATANI." This book was published in 1983 and I had been looking for this book and finally found a secondhand book at Amazon.

The reason why this is my most favorite is this book contains pop-up paper patterns of Escher's staircase and the Penrose triangle.

Wikipedia - Origamic architecture

Those books I have introduced are old and probably some of them are not available now. Please note that I directly translated those Japanese book titles from the original book that was written in Japanese to English.

Christmas is getting closer day by day. As I always do, I feel like making pop-up cards but maybe I will end up with only turning over the pages of those books this year as well. What kind of cards would you prepare for?