1 Jul 2019

Real Escape Game

I heard one interesting experience-based game from one of my Twitter followers. It's called "Real Escape Game" or "Escape Room."
I think you are already guessing what kind of game it is like. Yes, that's right! You go into a confined room with your friends and escape from it using your wisdom.
I have not challenged the game yet and I really want to challenge it, so I have made some research about it through the internet.

There are several different types of rooms; a science laboratory, prison, museum, castle and so on. It depends on the game; you must make a team. Some games allow just one person, but most games require between two to six team members.
You must find the way to get out the room with your team members. There must be some hints in the room. The limited time for getting out of the room is 60 minutes. According to the internet information, the possibility of success in escaping is 7 to 10 percent. It is not high, is it? It is because the CEO of SCRAP Co, Takao Kato, who established this game thinks that the possibility of escape success rate should be around 7 to 10%. Therefore, I heard that there are people who could not escape from the room within 60 minutes of challenging the room.

I found there are lots of "Real Escape Game" facilities in Japan and found there are some overseas too.
Here is an escape room in San Francisco named "Escape from the Puzzle Room." Has anyone ever challenged this game?

Escape from the Puzzle Room (San Francisco)

There are lots of kinds of escape rooms in Japan. Here is the link: 
Real Escape Game in Japan (Tokyo / Yokohama)

If you are attending the IPP in Japan this year, it is a good opportunity to test how your puzzle skills work. It seems like there are some in Australia too. I would like to challenge it someday.

Escape room (Wikipedia)

What is Real Escape Game? (YouTube)