1 Aug 2018

Struggling with the puzzle - Half Cut

I've got a puzzle which is not our product for the first time in a while!
It's "Half Cut" made by Václav Obšívac, designed by Laszlo Molnar.
The name Václav Obšívac reminds me of a happy memory of climbing Mt Fuji. Juno and I made a Mt Fuji climbing tour in 2010 after the IPP30 and lots of puzzle lovers climbed Mt Fuji. I think some of the readers of this blog also attended. It was fun, wasn't it?
Oops, I'm getting off track. Let's get back to the puzzle story.
The reason I have chosen this puzzle was I wanted to play with a packing puzzle. I looked at Mr Puzzle's website and found several puzzles that seemed OK. I hesitated on which one of those I should have got, and I just picked out one, that was "Half Cut."
I saw one of the pictures on the website that shows one triangular prism piece sticking out from a wooden box. I thought that that triangular prism would be an awkward one to solve and this idea intrigued me. At the time, I misunderstood that there was only one piece with that triangular prism because I didn't see the website pictures well. It's my fault.
When I got it, I realised that each 6 piece has triangular prisms!
Hmm, it seems more difficult than I thought. Oh yes, I confess I underestimated this puzzle. Once I started playing with it, I realised that it's extremely difficult. On the website, it says "Difficulty 5+/5 on Vinco's scale." I wonder why I didn't take it seriously?
Hey, triangular prism, why are you there?
Those triangular prisms connected to each piece are superb angles and positions.
How many times have I thought if this one triangular prism was not connected, I could have solved it.
I have been struggling with this puzzle for more than one week now. I think I have added one more unsolved puzzle collection. (Actually, I'm not an enthusiastic puzzle collector and I don't have many puzzles at all.) This will be the second unsolved puzzle, the first one was "Tricky Dick" as I have written on the blog "Looks simple but difficult - Tricky Dick" on 2nd May 2018.
I wonder how many people who bought those puzzles succeeded in solving them? I think myself, puzzle lovers are strange. They are willing to play with awkward things that other people don't. That's the puzzle lovers and I'm one of them.
Happy extremely difficult puzzling!


  1. A little help: if you mentally replace the triangular prisms with cubes, you get a valid solution.