23 Dec 2019

Something mathematical inside (Ring Case)

This is NOT an official Pluredro blog but I cannot help but writing about one of the tools of the new sequential discovery puzzle, Ring Case.
This coming Thursday, December 26th at 07:00 AM Brisbane time is the day of releasing two new kinds of puzzles.

The type of one of the two puzzles is a so-called sequential discovery puzzle which recently became very popular. We have produced more than 100 of them which is quite a lot for us.

This time, I have something to expect that would be fun. I cannot write about the details here. The only thing I can write is about one of the tools inside the puzzle. It would possibly be recognized what for it is by someone interested in mathematics or math enthusiasts. I wonder who will notice it first? Sorry that I cannot write it clearly, but if you notice what it is, then you will be able to guess the inside structure of the puzzle which is not visible from the outside.

He-he, I am looking forward to knowing whether puzzle lovers will like it.

10 Dec 2019

Christmas + a little information about the next puzzles

Hello puzzle friends!

Just letting you know beforehand that this blog post is nothing related to puzzles. I have written off the cuff about Christmas. If you are only interested in puzzles, please read the bottom sentences.

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It's Christmas everywhere! Needless to say, there are many Santa Clauses in every shopping centre. When I was small, I had believed that Santa Claus is set as only one person in the world. I was a bit of a twisted and skeptical child, so I didn't believe in the existence of Santa Claus, but children who dream about Santa Claus, if they see Santa Claus at every shopping centre, they would be bewildered.

"Can Santa Claus teleport?"

In some way, Santa Claus is a pioneer. He is the originator of the parcel delivery service. No one else had started a worldwide delivery service long ago; post offices, DHL, Federal Express, but Santa Claus did.

The thing that reminds me of Christmas is a church. When I was an elementary school pupil, I had been to the church every Sunday for a while. Yes, only for a while. At the church, I used to hear that we had to help poor people. One day, I noticed that if we help poor people with our full effort, we will be very poor but no one at the church looked that poor. Then, skeptical kid, I thought they said presentable things to me. Since then, I haven't been to the church.

Having said that, the familiar habits were difficult to ignore. When a Christmas song is played, my heart gets excited. It's the same as Pavlov's dog.
In my house, we usually do not decorate with any Christmas ornaments, but I suddenly felt like decorating something. What I thought of was using a Felt doll that always sits on my bookshelf and a little tree made by long wooden dowels.

The tree looks just like a Christmas tree as it is already. It would be more like a Christmas tree if I decorate it with not koalas but ornaments. 

This felt doll is an Einstein doll that I made. A piece of paper with an equation that the doll is holding is for being recognized as Einstein. I thought without this piece of paper, nobody can guess who this doll is. Coincidentally, Mr Einstein is wearing red clothes. So, I made a stocking cap for him.

Santa Claus is done! My Christmas is ready!

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A little information about the next puzzles
Before I finish writing this blog, I will let you know the next puzzles Pluredro is going to be released. The next puzzles are a sequential discovery puzzle and a burr puzzle. The total production number of sequential discovery puzzles would be more than 100. 
We will notify you before we release by sending our newsletter. It will PROBABLY be released on Christmas day or after Christmas.
If you haven't registered for our newsletter, please have a look at the page below.

Pluredro newsletter

May your holidays be filled with lots of puzzles and joy!

21 Nov 2019

Pop-up Paper Crafts

Every year around this season, I think I will try to make pop-up Christmas cards. It would be wonderful if I could make unique cards but every time I don't make them because it requires lots of effort and time.

When I was small, paper crafts, such as Origami was the most common play for me because I was born and raised in the country of Origami, Japan. I have read some interesting news about one Japanese architecture office long ago. It said that the office encouraged the architects who work there to play with Origami. Can you guess why? It was because playing Origami is effective to improve spatial perception which is an important ability for people who design buildings. Honestly, I don't know whether it really works for improving spatial perception.

If that hypothesis is correct, the puzzle I bought "Cube AC" should have been solved already now. How is it that I cannot solve "Cube AC" despite having played Origami a lot? Oops, I got off track.

I think someone who is interested in Origami may like pop-up paper crafts too. Here are some books of making pop-up cards I had bought.

This book is "Creative PAPER CUTTING" by Cheong-Ah Hwang. There are lots of beautiful and stylish design pop-ups in this book. Here I paste the link of his website.

papernoodle - Paper sculptures

The second book is "Pop-up World" by Yoichi Takahashi which contains printed colourful pages that you can cut and assemble. This book is suitable for kids.

The third one is "Pop-Up Cards by Yuichi Miyoshi. This book also contains printed papers for just for cutting use. His design is simple and beautiful. There are some cards for Christmas inside.

The fourth one is not a pop-up card book, but I cannot ignore this famous book, "ABC3D" by Marion Bataille. I found a YouTube video. Seeing is better than reading my expression.

The last one is my most favorite book "ORIGAMIC ARCHITECTURE OF MASAHIRO CHATANI." This book was published in 1983 and I had been looking for this book and finally found a secondhand book at Amazon.

The reason why this is my most favorite is this book contains pop-up paper patterns of Escher's staircase and the Penrose triangle.

Wikipedia - Origamic architecture

Those books I have introduced are old and probably some of them are not available now. Please note that I directly translated those Japanese book titles from the original book that was written in Japanese to English.

Christmas is getting closer day by day. As I always do, I feel like making pop-up cards but maybe I will end up with only turning over the pages of those books this year as well. What kind of cards would you prepare for?

28 Oct 2019

My Unsolved Puzzle Collection + the Latest information of Pluredro

There are lots of puzzle collectors in the world. I myself am not a collector, but against my will, I am becoming an unsolved puzzle collector. The puzzles in my collection are very difficult and my "unsolved puzzle collection" is unlikely to decrease.

I will introduce some of them.
I bought "Half Cut" designed by Laszlo Molnar last year because I like block types of puzzles. I thought that I could solve it within two or three weeks, but, in fact, it took about four months. Although I did not play with it every day, that was way too long. If you like difficult puzzles, it worth trying it.

Half Cut

Anyway, I had been struggling with it and finally solved it. It was such a nice feeling and I was so full of myself and I bought "Cube AC" designed by Vaclav Obsivac. I was motivated at that time. However, my motivation did not last long. "Cube AC" is harder than "Half Cut." It is SUPER difficult. I do not think that I can solve it.
One unsolved puzzle has been added to my collection.

Cube AC

Then, I have got a "MARTIAN Jigsaw Puzzle." It was designed by George Sicherman and used as an exchange puzzle at IPP39 in Kanazawa, Japan. It is a 2-dimensional puzzle, so I underestimated it. Contrary to my expectation, "MARTIAN" is very difficult too! I gave up trying to solve it. Another one has joined my "Unsolved puzzle collection."

Martian Diamond

After that, I had challenged one of our puzzles, Loopy Cube #1. It was supposed to be easier than "Cube AC" and in fact, I could solve it. I was a very nice feeling when I could solve the puzzle. All right, my motivation returned. 

Loopy Cube #1

Then, I got over myself again. What I had an eye on next was a prototype of Loopy Cube #2 which is currently under production. It looks like the previous Loopy Cube #1, but the difficulty level is different. #2 is harder than #1. I have already been playing with it every day for four days, but it does not seem I could solve it. I think this puzzle has a peculiarity. Usually, if you play with a cube puzzle, you can assemble several pieces, then probably you notice that it is not a good combination and you reassemble pieces again. In the case of Loopy Cube #2, as soon as I assembled only three pieces, I could see that the combination was wrong. It is funny that I can tell it is wrong just by seeing only three pieces. I know, you may think if I can see the wrong combination just after assembling three pieces, why couldn't I solve it. Yes, I am wondering the same too.
I do not want to add to my "Unsolved puzzle collection" anymore, so I will do my best and hopefully, I want to solve "MARTIAN Jigsaw Puzzle" and "Cube AC" as well.

This blog is my personal blog, but I will tell you a little about Pluredro's latest information in advance.
As I have written the above, we are currently making "Loopy Cube #2" and "Grooved 6 Board Burr #4." I am very sure that those two puzzles are SUPER difficult. "Loopy Cube #2" looks like a block with only nine L shape pieces, but as I have written, it is tough.

We are unsure when we will be able to start selling those puzzles. We are also making one more puzzle now. It is a puzzle box that is a type of sequential discovery. This puzzle will need lots of days to complete. 

Happy difficult puzzling!