18 Sep 2019

Sequential Discovery and my favorite puzzles on auction

Hello, puzzle lovers. 

This blog is my personal blog and is not the official blog of Pluredro, but I couldn't stop myself from writing what is going on now because one of puzzles on an auction is my favorite type of puzzle. This time, there are two kinds of puzzles, in total four puzzles is on an eBay auction.

My favorite type of puzzle is "Juno's Checker Pentominoes." As you can know from the name, the puzzle shape is pentomino. Probably, you may think it would be an easy puzzle. However, the combination of placement of the pieces is difficult and the solution is unique to make a 5 x 4 x 3 cuboid or a 12 5 rectangle. I LOVE this kind of puzzle very much. 

There are three "Juno's Checker Pentominoes" on the auction. One is made with American black walnut, the other one is Jarrah, and the other one is Utile. This puzzle has a tray that was made with Bubinga which was made by me.

Please note that "Juno's Checker Pentominoes” will NOT be sold on Pluredro. It is only for selling on eBay auction this time. Please do not miss this opportunity.

The second puzzle is a sequential discovery that looks like an ordinary board burr puzzle. It's named Sequential Discovery Board Burred Box. If you were a reader of Pluredroblog, you may know the former sequential discovery puzzle Pluredro had sold "Sequential Discovery Burred Box." The puzzle we have put on an auction looks similar to "Sequential Discovery Burred Box", but of course, it is not the same.

This puzzle has elaborate making. I have worked on sanding for a long time, so I guarantee that they have smooth touch. Therefore, it took a long time of production process nearly the same as Slammed Car.

The puzzle that is on the auction made with pine. The puzzles we are going to sell after finishing the auction were made with American Rock Maple and Utile and price will be AUD392.00

The half of the sales amount would be donated as we have always done. Looking forward to lots of puzzle lovers to join!


1 Jul 2019

Real Escape Game

I heard one interesting experience-based game from one of my Twitter followers. It's called "Real Escape Game" or "Escape Room."
I think you are already guessing what kind of game it is like. Yes, that's right! You go into a confined room with your friends and escape from it using your wisdom.
I have not challenged the game yet and I really want to challenge it, so I have made some research about it through the internet.

There are several different types of rooms; a science laboratory, prison, museum, castle and so on. It depends on the game; you must make a team. Some games allow just one person, but most games require between two to six team members.
You must find the way to get out the room with your team members. There must be some hints in the room. The limited time for getting out of the room is 60 minutes. According to the internet information, the possibility of success in escaping is 7 to 10 percent. It is not high, is it? It is because the CEO of SCRAP Co, Takao Kato, who established this game thinks that the possibility of escape success rate should be around 7 to 10%. Therefore, I heard that there are people who could not escape from the room within 60 minutes of challenging the room.

I found there are lots of "Real Escape Game" facilities in Japan and found there are some overseas too.
Here is an escape room in San Francisco named "Escape from the Puzzle Room." Has anyone ever challenged this game?

Escape from the Puzzle Room (San Francisco)

There are lots of kinds of escape rooms in Japan. Here is the link: 
Real Escape Game in Japan (Tokyo / Yokohama)

If you are attending the IPP in Japan this year, it is a good opportunity to test how your puzzle skills work. It seems like there are some in Australia too. I would like to challenge it someday.

Escape room (Wikipedia)

What is Real Escape Game? (YouTube)

9 Jun 2019

Freshly made puzzle with no name

Hello puzzle lovers!
Here is a puzzle that I would like to show you today which was just completed yesterday. 

Juno has designed and made this nine-piece block puzzle. The corners of each piece are partially chamfered. The target of this puzzle is making a cube shape using those nine pieces. Those chamfered edges can be a hint to solving it.

Probably, most puzzle enthusiasts may think that this puzzle is easy. Well, that is partially right. This is not very difficult, but I say there is something a little tricky. If someone is not used to playing with a puzzle, he/she might struggle to find the solution. I am sorry, I cannot say what it is.

This puzzle is just made for trial and we have no plan to make it as a product to sell at the moment. Therefore, this puzzle does not have a name.
Can anyone come up with a good name?

2 Jun 2019

Patience makes fun puzzles

Making puzzles is a job that requires patience. Juno and I have been working on two kinds of puzzles for a long time. One is a burr puzzle, Grooved 6 Board Burr #3 and another one is a sequential discovery puzzle, Slammed Car. In other words, we haven't released a new puzzle for a long time. I feel sorry for you guys that we kept you waiting.

The reason that we have spent a long time is related to one of the puzzles, Slammed Car, which we are making now and it has lots of parts. In the engine compartment, there are some parts. We thought it would be more fun if it contains some parts inside the engine compartment like a real vehicle. We have been making the Slammed Cars while imagining how puzzle lovers would be glad seeing those small parts inside the engine compartment. We knew if we added even one more small part, we would be very busy, but we did it. Aren't we stupid? We have made ourselves busy.

I'm still not sure how many Slammed Cars we are able to complete, but most of the time, we have made at least more than 100 pieces for each part. The reason is timber is a natural material and some has cracks or elements that become defective. We anticipate and make extra parts just in case defective parts will be made. That is the reason I have written in the beginning of this journal that making puzzles requires patience.

Honestly, I sometimes get bored making more than 100 of the same parts, so I drink a cup of coffee and chocolate for refreshing frequently and restart the job again. I don't know how many cups of coffee and chocolate I have had.
However, once it is approaching completion, all the effort pays off.
They look pretty good! Speaking of something I regret, I might have had too much coffee and chocolate sweets. The weight gain is proportional to the effort that I spent on those puzzles.

Just for your pre-information, Grooved 6 Board Burr #3 is harder than #1 and #2, but it would be enjoyable.
Slammed Car is the puzzle for which the most steps are required to solve it compared with our other sequential discovery puzzles we have made.

Those two puzzles are going to be released on the same day of around mid-June.
I hope puzzle lovers are able to have fun with our new puzzles.

31 Mar 2019

The huge face balloon that left a huge impression

Twitter gives me an opportunity to know something I didn't know.
I found a very interesting art project that was held in 2014. Yes, I know it is a bit late to notice, but I cannot hesitate to write about it because it is funny, amazing and has a little taste of surrealism.

The project was called "Floating Guy's Face in the Utsunomiya Sky." Utsunomiya is a name of a city in Japan.
Seeing is believing, here are pictures of the project that was on Twitter.

This project was prepared by the Utsunomiya Museum of Art and an artist group named "Mé." The face model was selected from among the 218 applicants in the city. To me, this face looks like a famous Japanese comedian and it makes this balloon funnier. The size of this balloon is 15 m (49 ft) in height and 10 m (32 ft) in width.

I have seen big balloons before, but they were shapes of pretty animals or ordinary spheres, but not a realistic human face. When people see an enormous realistic face in the air, the impression they would take seems very different from those pretty animals or spheres.

If I didn't know about the project and went out of the house, then noticed this huge face balloon floating above, I would have been astonished.
According to people who saw this huge balloon with the unaided eye, they said that this huge face balloon left a strong impact on their mind and most of them couldn't stop gazing at it, and some of them kept following it. If we see a big balloon, we look at it but don't try to chase after it.
I don't know what it is, but a realistic face balloon seems to have something that attracts people.

I linked to a news page that have several face balloon pictures. Please look at those pictures.
One of them was taken at night and the balloon looks like the moon.



I don't know the definition of art, but I think what can leave so much impression on people's mind and still continues to be handed down even after five years have passed is an art.

If you are very interested in this balloon and want to see your face become a huge balloon, here is a chance! You can apply for your face to The Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the English page. If you want to apply, please tell me. I'll help you to translate it. If your face has been chosen, your huge face balloon will float in the Tokyo sky in 2020. Isn't it exciting?