24 Nov 2022

If Japan Wins

There was a football match between Germany and Japan last night. I was convinced that the German team was powerful, and I didn't expect Japan to win. The match was held at midnight in Australia, so I didn't watch the live broadcast and went to bed.

However, I saw the news that Japan won the much this morning. It was surprising. The Japanese team defeated the German team.
It wasn't only me. Many Japanese believed that Japan would lose.

Then, there were some exciting things that happened.
Before the match began, many Japanese declared on Twitter, "If Japan wins, I will do XXX."
One guy said, " If Japan wins, I will ride from Yamaguchi to Tokyo by bicycle." The distance between Yamaguchi and Tokyo is about 1,000km. He regrets what he just tweeted.
The other guy said he would change his hairstyle to a strange design. This isn't a bad declaration. He can cut his hair short if he doesn't want to keep it.

Here is the terrible one. There were guys who said that they would run in a town naked. The same declarations were seen here and there. They probably chose the most embarrassing thing and hesitated to act because they didn't think Japan would win at all.

Well, what are they going to do?

21 Oct 2022

Yohei Nagatomi - The Tiny Gear Accessory Creator

There was one accessory I had always wanted, and I finally bought it. It was designed and made by Yohei Nagatomi. Here is the accessory. 

Unbelievably, those tiny gears rotate perfectly and smoothly. I love the linkage mechanism, so when I saw it for the first time, I thought this was perfect for me.

Yohei creates accessories with gears based on the idea of a "wearable link mechanism."
He started the creation for the purpose of making watches. From the knowledge acquired in the process, he started making accessories. For instance, this is one of the watches he made.

Let me show you more of his unique creations.

Here is Kinetic Heart. Rotating a gear in the lower heart-shaped frame, the piston moves up and down, and the Geneva mechanism makes an intermittent motion.

One of the great things about his creative work is that he integrates various mechanisms into his work. When planetary gears are also made as his creation, it looks like this. 

Until I started writing about his creation, I didn't notice he had also made a flower-shaped automaton.

It's interesting to see the different mechanisms of the automaton because I have made the flower-shaped automaton, "Columbine" before. As a matter of course the petal movements are similar, but the mechanism is different.

As he says he is interested in watches, he has got tools I have never seen.
Look, this is a Boley's watch lathe. It's small!

This is a projector to scrutinize the shape of gears. I can imagine how much effort is required to make those small things.

His pendant head accessories are made with brass and duralumin. Duralumin is commonly used for aerospace parts; it is a very light and durable material. 

He makes those accessories by build-to-order manufacturing, so it requires about one week to be shipped. His shop can use PayPal, and it was convenient for me.

Most puzzle lovers are also gear lovers. If you are interested, please take a look at his shops.

Creema : https://www.creema.jp/c/Kinetica/item/onsale
minne :  https://minne.com/@kinetica
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tominaga_Tech

7 Oct 2022

Working in A Puzzle Workshop

There are many different types of jobs, and workers require suitable abilities. For working at a puzzle workshop, you definitely need patience. I really felt it yesterday.

I chamfered puzzle pieces yesterday. It's an easy job, yet I had to chamfer an enormous number of small pieces' corners. Even though it's an easy job, having no focus is dangerous. I had cut my fingers and fingernails several times before.

I know two puzzle creators who lost their fingers. Working at a woodwork factory is really dangerous. Don't underestimate it. There are lots of machinery that have sharp blades. If you lose your concentration, the number of your fingers may decrease or increase. (If cut vertically) Sorry, this is a bad joke.

Joking aside, I keep in mind that if I feel sleepy or tired, I take a coffee break or stop working. In addition, wearing glasses and a face mask is more secure. It depends on what you do.

Taking a random break makes it hard to grasp working time correctly, so I use an app with my iPhone. It's Timesheet.

Timesheet - Time Tracker

This app is very convenient and sums up the total working hours correctly. The entire working time is reflected in the price of the puzzle. So, don't worry. The time I enjoy a cup of coffee, play with cats or am spacing out doesn't affect the price.

As you know, this isn't a blog for the puzzle shop Pluredro. If you want to know about Pluredro, please visit the Pluredro blog. 

Pluredro Blog :https://blog.pluredro.com/

4 Oct 2022

Bill Bailey's Video

When I first arrived in Australia, I was bewildered by several words I hadn't learnt in Japan. One of the words is "awesome." I remember "awesome" very quickly because everybody said, "Awesome!" quite often.

In daily conversation, TV, and everywhere, there is "Awesome!" I sometimes wondered whether there isn't any other adjective to replace it.
However, it's easy to use words that are already remembered, especially for me, who isn't a native English speaker. If you cannot think of any good adjective, you can use "Awesome." It's convenient.

Australians are friendly and cheerful. When they say, "Awesome!" it always sounds bright and happy. I like that.

Coincidentally, I found a fun video of Bill Bailey, a British comedian. I usually need help to understand the talk of stand-up comedians. However, I could understand the beginning of his video. He talks about Australians who love to say, "Awesome. His story's hilarious. He explains Americans and Australians are much more positive and upbeat. That's what I thought.

It seems like the British sense of humour is masochistic and sarcastic. I like that.
I want to watch his video more, yet I need help understanding jokes in English. I need to know the background of society and customs. If you are interested, please watch Bill Bailey's video, "What British Happiness Looks Like." It's hilarious.

What British Happiness Looks Like - Bill Bailey

13 Sept 2022

Where Are Puzzle Lovers in Australia?

My puzzle friends recently visited the United Kingdom and met many puzzle lovers there. It's a precious opportunity for them because we don't have such an opportunity here in Australia. In the United Kingdom or other countries, people hold gatherings once every two or three months. How lucky they are!

When I was in Japan, there was a gathering called "The Academy of Recreational Mathematics, Japan (ARM, Japan)." I'm not sure what they are doing now, but they used to hold a monthly gathering. There was no shortage of meeting puzzle lovers in Japan. Finding someone interested in puzzles was easy, but not in Australia.
I cannot meet puzzle lovers in Australia due to the small population. Australia is a vast country, and populated cities are dispersed. (See attached image) It's not so easy to meet others.

The True Size Of ...

People who have common interests or hobbies are lucky. They can easily find someone who can talk about what they think is fun.

My Aussie friend said that I should go to the city area. She thinks I can find a puzzle friend there. However, I don't think so. Brisbane's population is 2.2 million. The population of Tokyo is 13.99 million. The possibility of meeting a puzzle lover is low in terms of the rate of people who like puzzles or puzzle-like things.

Even if someone decides to hold a puzzle gathering in Australia, Aussie puzzle lovers must get on a plane or spend a long time to get to the venue.

I hope to have an opportunity to chat with people about what I'm interested in someday.