9 Jun 2019

Freshly made puzzle with no name

Hello puzzle lovers!
Here is a puzzle that I would like to show you today which was just completed yesterday. 

Juno has designed and made this nine-piece block puzzle. The corners of each piece are partially chamfered. The target of this puzzle is making a cube shape using those nine pieces. Those chamfered edges can be a hint to solving it.

Probably, most puzzle enthusiasts may think that this puzzle is easy. Well, that is partially right. This is not very difficult, but I say there is something a little tricky. If someone is not used to playing with a puzzle, he/she might struggle to find the solution. I am sorry, I cannot say what it is.

This puzzle is just made for trial and we have no plan to make it as a product to sell at the moment. Therefore, this puzzle does not have a name.
Can anyone come up with a good name?

2 Jun 2019

Patience makes fun puzzles

Making puzzles is a job that requires patience. Juno and I have been working on two kinds of puzzles for a long time. One is a burr puzzle, Grooved 6 Board Burr #3 and another one is a sequential discovery puzzle, Slammed Car. In other words, we haven't released a new puzzle for a long time. I feel sorry for you guys that we kept you waiting.

The reason that we have spent a long time is related to one of the puzzles, Slammed Car, which we are making now and it has lots of parts. In the engine compartment, there are some parts. We thought it would be more fun if it contains some parts inside the engine compartment like a real vehicle. We have been making the Slammed Cars while imagining how puzzle lovers would be glad seeing those small parts inside the engine compartment. We knew if we added even one more small part, we would be very busy, but we did it. Aren't we stupid? We have made ourselves busy.

I'm still not sure how many Slammed Cars we are able to complete, but most of the time, we have made at least more than 100 pieces for each part. The reason is timber is a natural material and some has cracks or elements that become defective. We anticipate and make extra parts just in case defective parts will be made. That is the reason I have written in the beginning of this journal that making puzzles requires patience.

Honestly, I sometimes get bored making more than 100 of the same parts, so I drink a cup of coffee and chocolate for refreshing frequently and restart the job again. I don't know how many cups of coffee and chocolate I have had.
However, once it is approaching completion, all the effort pays off.
They look pretty good! Speaking of something I regret, I might have had too much coffee and chocolate sweets. The weight gain is proportional to the effort that I spent on those puzzles.

Just for your pre-information, Grooved 6 Board Burr #3 is harder than #1 and #2, but it would be enjoyable.
Slammed Car is the puzzle for which the most steps are required to solve it compared with our other sequential discovery puzzles we have made.

Those two puzzles are going to be released on the same day of around mid-June.
I hope puzzle lovers are able to have fun with our new puzzles.