11 Jul 2022

Who Actually Invented It?

It's fun to see various inventions and arts on SNS. SNS gives me many opportunities to know unique designs and artists I didn't know.

Last week, I found one gear creation that I had seen before on Twitter. It was Yosuke Ikeda's design, HAGURUMA, but something looked wrong. It was a fake product.

Here is the real HAGURUMA.

As you can see, the sign indicated as "Open" can be changed into "Closed" by moving one part of the lever. This is a fantastic idea. I love the mechanism of HAGURUMA. It's not only for fun but can also be used at a shop and is practical.

The video I saw on Twitter doesn't mention the original designer. It says nothing. Therefore, many people misunderstood that the guy who tweeted was the original designer. I found some people praised her.

I wondered if she is happy having praise even if it's not her design?

It looks like the hands in the video are men, so it might be she uploaded the video and the actual person who made it was a different person.
In any case, she ignores the copyright. 

Things like this happen everywhere. It's not only HAGURUMA. For example, Juno's design, puzzle H Burr, was copied and sold by a certain country long years ago. Probably, it has a simple structure and was easy to produce.

Long ago, I created lots of online puzzles on my website. One day, I noticed a specific country visited my website a lot. I had a bad feeling.
I looked on the internet and found my online puzzles on a particular country's educational institution website. It means, of course, public organization. It was unbelievable. Therefore, I recreated my puzzles that only worked on my domain and blocked that country.

I have no idea why those people don't mention the original inventor or creator's name. Some of them probably don't know the original designer's name. However, some people deliberately do it so that some might misunderstand that it was their original.

I want people who took pictures of someone's creation to indicate the original creator's name when they upload it. Do not pretend as if you are the original designer.


Juno's World H Burr: http://www.polyhedra.jp/puzzle/h_burr01-e.html

HAGURUMA: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ikeikey/haguruma