9 Jun 2019

Freshly made puzzle with no name

Hello puzzle lovers!
Here is a puzzle that I would like to show you today which was just completed yesterday. 

Juno has designed and made this nine-piece block puzzle. The corners of each piece are partially chamfered. The target of this puzzle is making a cube shape using those nine pieces. Those chamfered edges can be a hint to solving it.

Probably, most puzzle enthusiasts may think that this puzzle is easy. Well, that is partially right. This is not very difficult, but I say there is something a little tricky. If someone is not used to playing with a puzzle, he/she might struggle to find the solution. I am sorry, I cannot say what it is.

This puzzle is just made for trial and we have no plan to make it as a product to sell at the moment. Therefore, this puzzle does not have a name.
Can anyone come up with a good name?