25 May 2021

Trial and Error

I'm very happy with the latest automaton, "Flower Automaton" that I made last month. So, I got carried away and decided to make the next one.

Through trial and error, I got an idea of a fish automaton. It seemed like a good idea (I thought) when the idea first popped in my mind, yet as I considered it carefully, there were some issues. Even if I could make it, I don't think it would be that interesting. So, I put it aside and restarted thinking of a different design again. Things like this happen quite often. An idea that came up in my mind seems brilliant at first, then it gradually lost its glare.

An idea is crucial. Think, think! I mumbled to myself.
I tend to do something stupid while I'm thinking about these kinds of things, so I must be careful.

I remember when I was in Japan, I was a loyal reader of a monthly science magazine "Kagaku Asahi." There was a puzzle on the back cover, and I loved it. One rainy day I was thinking how to solve the puzzle in the magazine and headed to a subway station in Tokyo. Then I noticed that I was holding an umbrella left open at the entrance of the subway where there was an underground. The other passengers might have thought that I was a crazy person.

Unfortunately, I feel like I don't have as much ability to concentrate that I had before. If I think positively, I don't have to worry about holding an umbrella left open in a subway station or hit my forehead into an electric pole which is good. Luckily, I live in a remote area in Australia not in Tokyo. Even if I did something really stupid, people rarely notice, only birds and kangaroos. 

One day, I was watching YouTube looking for hints. Then, I found several videos of kinetic sculptures. There were two guys I found who make wooden kinetic sculptures, David C. Roy and Robert Hains. Surprisingly, one of them lives in Queensland, Australia. Their sculptures are so beautiful. Here are their works. 

Calligraphy kinetic sculpture by David C. Roy


Tip Turkey - Robert Hains

I admired their kinetic sculptures, and of course, I felt like making my own. Even though I haven't started making it, I have already imagined where I should hang the kinetic sculpture and looked for an empty wall. Yes, I know. I'm a bit impatient.
Come to think of what I have made, there is a little similar one, Moire Gears. It also used the moire effect. It seems difficult to make a kinetic sculpture, but I think I can do it if I spend a lot of time. 

When my first kinetic sculpture is finished, I will show you it someday here.