26 Sept 2018

The puzzle "PANDAmonium at the Zoo"

I've got a new puzzle. It's "PANDAmonium at the Zoo" designed and made by Brian Young. If you attended the puzzle exchange of the International Puzzle Party this year, you may have this puzzle.

I haven't played with a 2D assemble puzzle for a long time and it was fun to play with. If you want to forget the time, it's a good idea to play this puzzle. You may encounter an awkward situation like as if it's almost solved, but it's not solved. You know, that is a puzzle.

I assumed that one of the big pieces should have been put in a corner, but my guessing was wrong. However, the position of the smallest piece was where I guessed. Anyway, I could solve this puzzle.

If you have read my blog before, maybe you remember that I wrote about the puzzle "Half Cut."
Well, I'm still struggling with it. It's a hard puzzle to solve.
Every time I play with it, a triangular prism piece sticks out from a wooden box. How provoking the triangular prism piece is!
I'll let you know when I've solved it.

PANDAmonium at the Zoo is available at Mr Puzzle's onlineshop.

7 Sept 2018

Scolded by a lizard

I was born and grew up in Japan and hadn't seen large lizards. Here in Australia, there are lots of large lizards living and one large lizard seems to live in my yard.

One day, I came home from the local supermarket and found a large lizard was sitting in front of the garage. I wanted to park my car inside of it, but the lizard didn't want to move at all. Lizards in Japan run away quickly when they see a human. Australian lizards don't care about humans.

I couldn't park my car and got out of the car and got closer to the lizard. It looked at me without hesitation. I expected if I got closer to it, the lizard should have run away.
Then, what happened was the lizard got angry at me. I didn't expect it at all. What a surprise, I was scolded by the lizard!
He seemed to take offense at me and threatened me. I know he was a descendant of dinosaurs and he is large as a lizard, but luckily, he was smaller than me. I took a long branch and moved it in front of him, and finally he left reluctantly.

It was funny that the lizard seemed like declaring "I have a right to stay here!" Yes, you were right.
You and your ancestors have been living here for a long time. I'm a new resident, I promise you that I'm not going to interrupt your afternoon sleep, except you are sleeping in front of the garage.