17 Jul 2018

Making mini-puzzles - 6 Board Burr #1

My two mini-puzzles, 6 Board Burr #3 that were up for eBay auction had a successful bid. 
It was a good experience for me. I thank the people who bought my puzzles.
It was fun to make small puzzles. I like to play with mini-puzzles and display mini-puzzles on the bookshelf, they look nice. It's convenient to display them on the shelf, you know, they are small and don't need much room. If I say one disadvantage of them, it takes lots of work to make them.

I feel like making smaller puzzles but I'm sure that will be a very hard job. Then, I recalled a famous man who has been making miniature puzzles, Mr Allan Boardman. I once saw him at the IPP where he was selling his miniature puzzles. I bought one puzzle from him. It was a long time ago and I don't remember where and when.
His miniature puzzles are VERY small. They are even hard to see. I cannot think of how he made them. I have several questions that I want to ask him about making miniature puzzles. I wonder if I could meet him and ask him someday.
Having said that, at the time, it's impossible to make miniature puzzles because the tools I have are too big. Maybe, I should make tools myself. Anyway, I'm happy with making small-puzzles.  
Our workplace is always busy and it's a little hard to get a chance to use the CNC router. However, my husband Juno doesn't use the CNC router these days, and it's a chance to use it for my purpose. So, I have started making different puzzles. I have made 6 Board Burr #2 and #3, so, of course the next one will be 6 Board Burr #1.
One of the difficulties of making small puzzles is finding materials. I looked for thin timber, but it's not always stocked. Thin timber is sold in some hardware shops or lumber dealers, but they are expensive. Therefore, what I do is wait for leftover timber to appear after Juno made ordinary sized puzzles. If I'm lucky, I could get several different coloured timbers.
This time, luckily, I have got very beautiful American Black Walnut timber.
I sandwiched Koto with two American Black Walnut, it looks very good. The picture below is pasting three timbers and tightening them with clamps. I have collected as many clamps as possible and left them for one night. 

I have already finished cutting pieces using the CNC router. These are pieces the CNC router has cut. These pieces already look good, but many work processes are still left.
I'm not sure when I am able to finish working on them. When I have finished making them, I'm going to write about my third mini-puzzle on this blog. 


  1. Do you know the book "Puzzle Projects for Woodworkers" by Allan J. Boardman? They are not the micro puzzles, but you may like trying them. Regarding thinwood, you can take scrap pieces and make them even thickness by passing them through the drum sander several times, taking off very little each time. Patience is the main ingredient. Good luck with your puzzle making!

    1. Thank you for giving me good information.
      I didn't know about that book. I just found it at Amazon!