17 May 2023

Why Didn't I Notice? (Fusion 360)

I downloaded the trial version of Fusion 360 at the beginning of May and have been practising it. However, I suddenly noticed something essential.
At the workplace, I cannot use the software connecting to the internet because one of the software my husband and I use sometimes causes failure. Therefore, I needed to ensure whether Fusion 360 could be used without the internet (safe mode). As I thought, it can only be used with the internet. I should have noticed earlier.

I have been learning Fusion 360 for about two weeks and abandoned it. What a shame.

I had kept aside two projects while learning Fusion 360. It is time to restart them. I felt that I wasted time but never mind. It was fun to use the new software.

The CNC routers in the workplace have been working for the job, and I cannot use them for a while. Until I can use them, I will draw rough sketches for a Marble run machine and an automaton.

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