13 Sept 2022

Where Are Puzzle Lovers in Australia?

My puzzle friends recently visited the United Kingdom and met many puzzle lovers there. It's a precious opportunity for them because we don't have such an opportunity here in Australia. In the United Kingdom or other countries, people hold gatherings once every two or three months. How lucky they are!

When I was in Japan, there was a gathering called "The Academy of Recreational Mathematics, Japan (ARM, Japan)." I'm not sure what they are doing now, but they used to hold a monthly gathering. There was no shortage of meeting puzzle lovers in Japan. Finding someone interested in puzzles was easy, but not in Australia.
I cannot meet puzzle lovers in Australia due to the small population. Australia is a vast country, and populated cities are dispersed. (See attached image) It's not so easy to meet others.

The True Size Of ...

People who have common interests or hobbies are lucky. They can easily find someone who can talk about what they think is fun.

My Aussie friend said that I should go to the city area. She thinks I can find a puzzle friend there. However, I don't think so. Brisbane's population is 2.2 million. The population of Tokyo is 13.99 million. The possibility of meeting a puzzle lover is low in terms of the rate of people who like puzzles or puzzle-like things.

Even if someone decides to hold a puzzle gathering in Australia, Aussie puzzle lovers must get on a plane or spend a long time to get to the venue.

I hope to have an opportunity to chat with people about what I'm interested in someday.


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