14 May 2022

Tripped Over Again and Again

In the previous blog about the marble run machine, I have written, "I have not yet jumped over the first hurdle. " After that, I jumped over the first hurdle!
Yes, I did, and I tripped over it and fell. Well, that happens all the time.

I fell because I could not figure out the difference between the virtual and the physical worlds. I always draw pictures using 3D software when I make something. Mine does not have a function of physics simulation, so I must imagine how it moves when I make it.
It is not difficult to see a collision detection. I can simply rotate or move an object I want to make sure. However, there is a more complicated phenomenon, like friction or gravity.

Do you think I should buy a more superior one?
Well, I agree, but you know, it is costly.

When making a marble run machine, I have one system that I do not want to remove. That is the most difficult mechanism.

Yesterday, I made some samples to make sure whether they moved the way I wanted. It was like a school physics class. I regret that I should have studied physics hard. It took time and effort, but it was worth experimenting. Now, I understand how they work and the effect of friction. I was going to make small parts, but now I have changed my mind. I am going to make bigger parts that would be more stable.

I know you cannot guess what I am talking about. I am afraid I cannot tell you the details until it is finished. I am going to create a unique marble run machine that will not disappoint you when you see it.

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