7 Jan 2022

An Optical Illusion and a Marble Machine

I made an optical illusion object yesterday and the next step is to make a marble machine.

I was planning to combine the marble machine with the optical illusion, but I found it very difficult to make. So, at this stage, I'm not sure whether I can make it.
Making an optical illusion object isn't easy. If you want to make it care about even small details, it's possible to make a good one, but it's very difficult. So, I gave up paying attention to the details early.

There is one more issue. If I added the optical illusion object to the marble machine, the existence of rails and balls might more easily reveal the illusion that isn't real. Of course, the illusion isn't a real object, but you know, as possible as I can, I want to make it as if it's a real object.

Anyway, I'm going to draw the picture of the marble machine together with the optical illusion object. Let's see what it will look like.

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