1 Nov 2018

My Mini-Puzzle Mini Collection

I love miniatures. I have made 1/6 scale bags, 1/12 scale breads with clay, 1/6 and 1/12 scales miniature furniture and small puzzles.

Only puzzles couldn't adjust to 1/6 or 1/12 scales because of material conditions. It depends on the kind of timber, some of them can be torn out or cracked easily and they are not good for a miniature. I wanted small puzzles that can be played, I didn't like miniature puzzles that are only for displaying. Therefore, what I could make were bigger than what are usually called miniatures.

I have reviewed how many mini-puzzles I have made and realized that they were lots more than I thought. There are some puzzles that were sold by Juno himself or one Japanese company, and there are puzzles that have never sold.

These are the mini-puzzles I have made. All puzzles were designed by Junichi Yananose (aka Juno).

Sometimes we (Pluredro) are asked from customers whether we re-produce puzzles that were already sold out. Juno has lots of ideas of puzzles in his head and he wants to make more unique puzzles. So, I feel sorry, but we don't produce the same puzzles again. Therefore, our puzzles are all limited editions.

However, I might make same puzzles as a miniature again. For example, 6 Board Burr #2 and H Burr were sold long ago. The reason I have made those puzzles are I didn't have them. If I have a chance, I will continue to make mini-puzzles that I haven't made before.

Just now, Pluredro is holding an eBay puzzle auction and there are three kinds of puzzles, in total four mini-puzzles that I have made and one ordinary sized second grade puzzle.

Pluredro eBay Puzzle Auction: 

If you are interested in them, please take a look!
It will be ended on 4th November, Sunday in South-East Queensland, Australia time.

Happy mini-puzzling!

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