11 Mar 2024

I Know It's Not Scientific, But ...

Haven't you ever experienced something that doesn't make total sense? For example, you remember putting your mobile phone on the bench in the kitchen and later finding it in the living room. Your memory might be mistaken, or there might be another possibility.

As a science lover, I don't believe in unscientific phenomena. However, that idea sometimes wavers when I experience something that I cannot figure out directly.

I've experienced something strange long ago.
It was the night I was alone at home. My parents were at the hospital where my grandfather was admitted because they got a call that his condition had changed. I didn't know at the time that my grandfather's life was in danger, and I watched the TV at home. The house I lived in was my grandfather's before. He'd lived there for a long time but moved to a new house a few years ago. The house had a back door in the kitchen. It was convenient rather than the front door, so only family members used it.

I was in the living room that night and heard somebody knock on the back door. It was 21:50; I didn't expect a visitor. I was surprised and answered, "Who is it?" Nobody answered. It was very strange. I didn't open the door and stood there for about tens of seconds with caution. Nothing happened then, so I went back to the living room.

Three or four minutes later, I heard the knocking again.

Knock knock ...

I was scared and went to my room on the upper floor. I didn't think it was related to theft or criminal activity because there was a police station just in front of the house, and police officers were always there. It wasn't a good location for thefts; to begin with, crime rates were low. I was curious about what had happened, but unknowingly, I fell asleep.

My parents were at the dining table the following day when I got up. Then they told me that my grandfather passed away last night. It was 21:50.


When I heard the time, I was astonished. At precisely the same time, someone knocked on the back door. I was very sure that I listened to the hitting two times. Then, what were they? I went outside the back door to see if any tree branches were spreading toward it. There was nothing around to hit the door. Like a detective, I walked around the door, and there was nothing.

I told myself, "It cannot be! There must have been some reason."
I considered a lot but couldn't find any reason for hearing the sound. If so, there's only one left; it's my mistake. It wasn't easy to be convinced, but I had to admit this. I now think the knocking was my illusion.

These kinds of stories are relatively common around me. Is Japan a treasure trove of such stories? Of course, some people believe in ghosts while others do not.
I want to know how scientists can convince themselves if they experience such a thing.

I would rather believe my grandfather visited me to say "hello." That would make for a more dreamy story. 

Thank you for reading this post to the end, which didn't turn out to be a dream-filled, genial story.

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