10 Oct 2021

Unusual jigsaw puzzles

I happened to find one jigsaw puzzle on YouTube that was described as an unusual jigsaw puzzle. There are two packs in the jigsaw puzzle box. It's obvious one contains jigsaw pieces, what about the other one? The second pack can only be opened after you've finished assembling the first pack of pieces. I was very curious and bought it from Amazon.

We followed the instructions and opened the first pack and started playing with it. Juno thought this jigsaw puzzle wasn't so difficult, so he decided to solve it without seeing the completed pictures that were contained in the box.

It looks like an ordinary jigsaw puzzle. However, there are many funny shaped pieces.
The most characteristic is there are lots of pieces that are flat on one side. Juno counted the pieces that are flat on one side, and he noticed that there are many more pieces that are needed that should be placed on the edges.

Hmm... this is indeed an unusual jigsaw and not as easy as we estimated.

We estimated that we would be able to finish assembling it in one night. I confess, we underestimated it. We played it after dinner every day and spent three nights to complete the first pack.

Now, it's time to open the second pack!

Well, probably I shouldn't write what we saw here. At least I can say, we could have a fun time. While we were playing, we could guess what will happen next and we were correct, so the reader of this blog who loves puzzles can guess what this jigsaw looks like.

This unique jigsaw puzzle is produced by a company, The Magic Puzzle Company. They produce three different pictures and I have chosen "The Sunny City" and each of them have 1,000 pieces. It's worth challenging it. Why don't you try it?

The Magic Puzzle Company : https://magicpuzzlecompany.com/


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