6 Jun 2021

Dear Mr Christopher Nolan

I use Netflix for both reasons, practicing English and entertainment. For the purpose of practicing English, Netflix is a useful tool. However, from the entertainment purpose, I have finished watching my favorite types of movies.

My favorite type of movie is like Christopher Nolan's. I am a big fan of him. I have never been anyone's fan before, but he is special. It is because his movies contain the factors I love. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find this kind of movie. If he could make a movie with puzzle factors like "Inception", I would be incredibly happy. So, I have decided to write a letter to Mr Christopher Nolan. I know it is almost a zero possibility that he will notice my writing, but I am writing this letter hoping he will notice someday.

Dear Mr Christopher Nolan,

Since I have seen your movie, I am your big fan.
I am a puzzle lover and there are lots of factors that I love in your movies: science, space-time, Escher, mystery, dimension, space, and complexity in a good way. Those factors make the movies more exciting.

There are people who love puzzles in the world. They are unfortunately a minority group compared with other hobbies, but they have good features. They love magic, juggling, tricks and the factors I have written above. The peculiarity of puzzle lovers is full of wit and the ability to think ideas that other people never think of.

Even though the number of puzzle lovers are a minority, I believe that those factors will intrigue most people. Unfortunately, there are not many movies that have the factors. As a puzzle lover and one of your fans, I wish with all my heart that we will be enjoying a movie that you made with lots of puzzle sense someday.

Best regards,


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