23 Dec 2019

Something mathematical inside (Ring Case)

This is NOT an official Pluredro blog but I cannot help but writing about one of the tools of the new sequential discovery puzzle, Ring Case.
This coming Thursday, December 26th at 07:00 AM Brisbane time is the day of releasing two new kinds of puzzles.

The type of one of the two puzzles is a so-called sequential discovery puzzle which recently became very popular. We have produced more than 100 of them which is quite a lot for us.

This time, I have something to expect that would be fun. I cannot write about the details here. The only thing I can write is about one of the tools inside the puzzle. It would possibly be recognized what for it is by someone interested in mathematics or math enthusiasts. I wonder who will notice it first? Sorry that I cannot write it clearly, but if you notice what it is, then you will be able to guess the inside structure of the puzzle which is not visible from the outside.

He-he, I am looking forward to knowing whether puzzle lovers will like it.


  1. Very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must admit after solving the puzzle I did not understand what shape you were talking about. Eventually, though, I figured it out, and I had seen this shape before (just forgotten). For those still in the dark, I will give the tiny hint that it is a 2 dimensional shape.

    1. Hi George,
      I'm VERY happy to know that you noticed the one of the tools I was talking about. Juno and I have been waiting for someone to notice it. Thank you for your comment!