28 Oct 2019

My Unsolved Puzzle Collection + the Latest information of Pluredro

There are lots of puzzle collectors in the world. I myself am not a collector, but against my will, I am becoming an unsolved puzzle collector. The puzzles in my collection are very difficult and my "unsolved puzzle collection" is unlikely to decrease.

I will introduce some of them.
I bought "Half Cut" designed by Laszlo Molnar last year because I like block types of puzzles. I thought that I could solve it within two or three weeks, but, in fact, it took about four months. Although I did not play with it every day, that was way too long. If you like difficult puzzles, it worth trying it.

Half Cut

Anyway, I had been struggling with it and finally solved it. It was such a nice feeling and I was so full of myself and I bought "Cube AC" designed by Vaclav Obsivac. I was motivated at that time. However, my motivation did not last long. "Cube AC" is harder than "Half Cut." It is SUPER difficult. I do not think that I can solve it.
One unsolved puzzle has been added to my collection.

Cube AC

Then, I have got a "MARTIAN Jigsaw Puzzle." It was designed by George Sicherman and used as an exchange puzzle at IPP39 in Kanazawa, Japan. It is a 2-dimensional puzzle, so I underestimated it. Contrary to my expectation, "MARTIAN" is very difficult too! I gave up trying to solve it. Another one has joined my "Unsolved puzzle collection."

Martian Diamond

After that, I had challenged one of our puzzles, Loopy Cube #1. It was supposed to be easier than "Cube AC" and in fact, I could solve it. I was a very nice feeling when I could solve the puzzle. All right, my motivation returned. 

Loopy Cube #1

Then, I got over myself again. What I had an eye on next was a prototype of Loopy Cube #2 which is currently under production. It looks like the previous Loopy Cube #1, but the difficulty level is different. #2 is harder than #1. I have already been playing with it every day for four days, but it does not seem I could solve it. I think this puzzle has a peculiarity. Usually, if you play with a cube puzzle, you can assemble several pieces, then probably you notice that it is not a good combination and you reassemble pieces again. In the case of Loopy Cube #2, as soon as I assembled only three pieces, I could see that the combination was wrong. It is funny that I can tell it is wrong just by seeing only three pieces. I know, you may think if I can see the wrong combination just after assembling three pieces, why couldn't I solve it. Yes, I am wondering the same too.
I do not want to add to my "Unsolved puzzle collection" anymore, so I will do my best and hopefully, I want to solve "MARTIAN Jigsaw Puzzle" and "Cube AC" as well.

This blog is my personal blog, but I will tell you a little about Pluredro's latest information in advance.
As I have written the above, we are currently making "Loopy Cube #2" and "Grooved 6 Board Burr #4." I am very sure that those two puzzles are SUPER difficult. "Loopy Cube #2" looks like a block with only nine L shape pieces, but as I have written, it is tough.

We are unsure when we will be able to start selling those puzzles. We are also making one more puzzle now. It is a puzzle box that is a type of sequential discovery. This puzzle will need lots of days to complete. 

Happy difficult puzzling!