31 Mar 2019

The huge face balloon that left a huge impression

Twitter gives me an opportunity to know something I didn't know.
I found a very interesting art project that was held in 2014. Yes, I know it is a bit late to notice, but I cannot hesitate to write about it because it is funny, amazing and has a little taste of surrealism.

The project was called "Floating Guy's Face in the Utsunomiya Sky." Utsunomiya is a name of a city in Japan.
Seeing is believing, here are pictures of the project that was on Twitter.

This project was prepared by the Utsunomiya Museum of Art and an artist group named "Mé." The face model was selected from among the 218 applicants in the city. To me, this face looks like a famous Japanese comedian and it makes this balloon funnier. The size of this balloon is 15 m (49 ft) in height and 10 m (32 ft) in width.

I have seen big balloons before, but they were shapes of pretty animals or ordinary spheres, but not a realistic human face. When people see an enormous realistic face in the air, the impression they would take seems very different from those pretty animals or spheres.

If I didn't know about the project and went out of the house, then noticed this huge face balloon floating above, I would have been astonished.
According to people who saw this huge balloon with the unaided eye, they said that this huge face balloon left a strong impact on their mind and most of them couldn't stop gazing at it, and some of them kept following it. If we see a big balloon, we look at it but don't try to chase after it.
I don't know what it is, but a realistic face balloon seems to have something that attracts people.

I linked to a news page that have several face balloon pictures. Please look at those pictures.
One of them was taken at night and the balloon looks like the moon.



I don't know the definition of art, but I think what can leave so much impression on people's mind and still continues to be handed down even after five years have passed is an art.

If you are very interested in this balloon and want to see your face become a huge balloon, here is a chance! You can apply for your face to The Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the English page. If you want to apply, please tell me. I'll help you to translate it. If your face has been chosen, your huge face balloon will float in the Tokyo sky in 2020. Isn't it exciting?


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